Swimming Pool

Living Green

Making a more ecological choice naturally begins with PoolBoy

Jump into a greener pool this swimming season!

In the past pools were traditionally equipped with a standard 1hp pump, gas heater, sand filter and sanitized with chlorine.
Today we have more choice and energy efficient equipment available to us, ECO friendly products that save on the environment and our wallets.

For example, switching to a two speed or variable speed swimming pool pump, and coupling with a programmable digital timer (configured to run mostly at off peak hours) can significantly decrease your footprint and save on the pumps operational costs.

Solar heating your pool water is today's preferred method. Heating your pool water for free the natural way with the sun simply makes the most sense! Solar heaters can be installed on their own or to compliment an existing energy efficient forced draft gas heater or heat pump. Heating your pool water is just one of the many features this system can bring you!

Sand filters have been the industry standard for many years but are now being replaced by the cartridge filter. This fantastic device will polish your water finer than the sand and save you from back washing thousands of gallons of treated and heated water each month to waste.You'll be able to wash the filters with only a fraction of the water using your garden hose and often just once per season! Think of all the water you'll be saving from being treated at your local water treatment plant.

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