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Its official, spring is upon us!

We are now booking pool openings.

Welcome to PoolBoy! Offering eco conscious services for indoor and outdoor swimming pools in Burlington and Oakville since 2005.

Our staff has been helping pool owners focus more on backyard enjoyment and less on messy, tiresome, time consuming startups. Choosing the right pool opening package just may be the hardest thing you'll need to do when you call PoolBoy. Once we have you scheduled, we'll professionally accommodate your preferred startup choice, and often have your equipment running in just one day. Imagine a cleaner healthier pool running in less time!

Which pool opening is right for me?

PoolBoy offers 4 different packages to kick off your swimming season.
Relax while we take care of everything with our Deluxe Pool Opening, or
Be involved with the opening process with our Classic Pool Opening package.
Concerned about the environment and waste water, our ECO pool opening may be for you.
If you only require a specific service, like inspecting and starting up your equipment, the Partial pool opening might be the one.

Click on the links below for more info:

Classic Pool Opening
Deluxe pool opening
Eco pool opening
Partial pool opening

What do I need to do?

The Ontario winter didn't quite do its job this year. When the ground doesn't freeze, water and snow melt continuously seeps into soil and causes all sorts of chaos to occur. Some home owners may find a more water saturated backyard and often a floating liner once the cover is removed. Before PoolBoy arrives to open your pool this spring, you can help speed up the opening procedure by taking care of these few simple items.

Install and run your sump pump if you have one. It will be located within a couple feet of your pool wall
Turn on water inside the house and ensure a garden hose is left for us to fill the pool with
Turn on electrical breakers to pool equipment and check your pump is not running
If you have a pump timer check to make sure it doesn't start your pump dry
Unlock any gates and cabana's that will be required during your opening
Ensure all pool equipment and parts are available poolside.

What I need to tell PoolBoy:

  • You need a spring startup kit
  • You have a Salt System and require us to bring salt
  • Your sand or cartridge filter needs cleaning or a media change
  • UV systems require a new bulb every season. Have the systems make and model number when you call
  • Your equipment requires replacement parts such as pump or skimmer baskets
  • You have a solar pool heating system
  • You have a gas heater and it requires inspection and lighting

I want to try opening myself this year:

If you prefer to try your hand at opening your swimming pool yourself this season then check out our Articles section on the right and review the free instructions.
Next, click on the Swimming Pool Opening Checklist and print off a copy to take outside with you.

Pool Opening Service in Burlington and Oakville

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