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Winter Cover Replacement

Your winter cover - Perhaps the most overlooked part of your pools winter protection program.

Plan early and protect your backyard oasis.

You probably knew it was time, and may have even been told by your pool tech last year when they closed your pool. Pool covers do have a life, and they're replacements are just as essential as maintaining any other part of your pool. Let us know if you think your pool may need a new cover and we'll work on getting it measured and replaced while we're out for your pool opening.

Pools typically have one of three types of covers. The traditional tarp and waterbag system, a fitted cover that snaps into the upper track of your coping and the safety cover which secures itself to anchors drilled and secured into your pool deck.

Tarps are the least expensive way to cover any pool. They come in several different quality grades. Rating from good to better to best, each will carry a different year warranty. Life expectancy can be from 1 year, up towards 5. Environmental influences can decrease your covers life span. Things like animals falling in during the winter and puncturing holes and tearing causethe dirty water on top to mix with your clean pool water below. Popped or worn waterbags often also result in these covers slipping into the pool over the winter and all the debris on top, falling into the pool. When this happens cleanup often takes longer and can get more expensive.

Fitted covers designed for pools with a second track in the coping, above the pool liner's. Made of a heavier gauge vinyl, this system will create a better seal for your pool from the elements. With proper care a fitted cover can last up to about 7 years, though many harden, shrink and crack, and require replacement at the 4 to 5 year mark. Pools with this type of cover typically open in the pristine condition they were closed in the previous season.

Safety covers are the most durable cover you can install on your pool. Available in different mesh weaves; standard, deluxe and solid; they will limit the amount of debris that enters the pool and provide a safe backyard environment for concerning home owners. Children and pets will be able to able to use the backyard more worry free than with one of the other two types of winter covers.
Life span on a safety cover is typically 10 years plus. Often only requiring mounting hardware to be serviced and or replaced. Pools with safety covers typically open quicker as they often don't need filling due to rain and snow melt from the closing period, and they often clear up pretty quick as circulation can be started immediately and pool vacuumed. Aside from the safety value of this type of cover there is also the benefit of water savings as most springs you'll find your pool already full when you remove the cover.

pool opening time is the best time to get your winter cover measured and replaced. Waiting until closing time will result in delays due to ordering, or manufacturing. Plan to have your cover replaced early this year and close your pool on time when its ready to close.

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