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TightWatt Digital Pool Timer for Single-Speed Pool Pumps without enclosure
Product code: TW-PFC

The TightWatt is an intelligent, year-round pool controller. The patent-pending year-round schedule allows significant efficiency gains over a 24-hour timer. The TightWatt is capable of controlling a primary or booster pump up to 25A (2HP) motor.



  • Automatically adjusts pool filter run-times
  • Snaps into Intermatic enclosures
  • Universal Supply works on 120 & 240 Volt systems
  • One-Touch manual cycle options
  • Can run 1 or 2 filter cycles per day
  • X10 compatibility for remote control convenience
  • Full 3-year warranty
  • 9V battery back-up to protect against power loss
  • Reduces Pool Energy Costs by 26%

Low Consumer Cost and Installation

In most cases, PoolBoy can install the TightWatt timer directly into your existing enclosure. This reduces labor cost and also saves the cost of buying a new enclosure. The TightWatt control is generally less expencsive than other digital controls on the market, even though it has considerable greater efficiency. The pool timer has been designed to snap into existing Intermatic enclosures (the most popular enclosure on the market), dramatically reducing installation time. Installation of the controller into an existing enclosure takes just a couple of minutes. A new installation may take up to an hour depending on equipment configuration.

Automatic Cycle Operation

The TightWatt is an intelligent year-round control for a pool system. It is designed to take advantage of the seasonal temperature variation which allows a pool filter to run less during colder months and still maintain water quality. The user sets 2 time durations (summer run, winter run). The TightWatt then uses these values to compute a year-round run schedule. Some pool professionals adjust the pump run-time twice a year (once in spring, once in fall). Relieving the consumer/pool maintenance person of the task of manually adjusting a 24-hour timer (if it is adjusted at all) produces significant electrical savings over the course of a year.

Manual Cycle Operation

The user has the option to run a manual cycle for a specified duration. The manual cycle will only run once. Following the manual cycle, the controller will revert to automatic cycles each day.

Time of Use

The TightWatt allows up to 2 start times per day, and start times are set by the user. This flexibility allows it to work well with most time-of-use plans. Default settings of the controller cause the pool equipment to run at night in an effort to shift the load from daytime hours.

Electrical Ratings for TightWatt (TW-PFC)

Input rating: 120V or 240V AC, 50/60 Hz

Load rating: 120V or 240V AC respectively, 50/60 Hz, 25A, 2HP

Surge protection: 1kV surge protection

Switching: double-pole switches offer increased safety


TightWatt Pool Timers replace your Intermatic T101 pool timers and Intermatic T104 pool timers. TightWatt will snap directly into your Intermatic pool timer enclosure.

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