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Don't Have PoolBoy Service Your Pool until You're Completely Dissatisfied with Your Current Pool Guy

"Notice the Difference Great Pool Service can Do for You, and Relax while You Enjoy Your Backyard Escape!"

Summer in Ontario as we all know can be extremely unpredictable. Weather can give us heat waves, cool winds and rain showers that can last for days. All these fluctuations can wreak your pool water and disrupt your relaxation experience. Having the right equipment and ensuring that it's properly maintained is essential to maximizing your time in the water. Equipment such as heaters can extend your swimming season, allowing you to open sooner and close much later. UV and Ozone systems are increasing in demand as stricter laws are put in place for backwashing and disposal of salt and chlorinated water. If you aren't already reaping the benefits offered by UV and Ozone systems, its time you asked yourself, why haven't you started enjoying all the advantages a crystal clear and virtually chemical free pool has to offer! Stop getting wet and start getting excited! Enjoy your backyard escapes with professional pool service from PoolBoy.


A quick call to Poolboy and you can begin to relax. We will:

  • Kick start your summer with a pool opening
  • Maintain your pool and spa on a schedule that meets your needs
  • Service and Repair existing pool equipment
  • Upgrade existing pool equipment to newer energy efficient and eco friendly models
  • Electronically detect leaks in plumbing and in pool liners
  • Scuba dive and repair your vinyl pool liner underwater
  • Repair plumbing leaks above and under ground
  • Install a solar pool heater
  • Upgrade your pools sanitization with a UV and Ozone system
  • Winterize with one of our pool closing packages

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