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Time to start preparing for winter.

Schedule your pool closing today with Eco Home and Pool. We offer pool services to Burlington and Oakville.

Pool Opening

For many the pool season begins as soon as the ice disappears in and on the pool. We can get that cover off and start up circulation so you no longer have to look at the depressing winter cover.

Pool Opening

Check out pool opening page for more info current specials then contact us to schedule your pool opening today!

PoolBoy has been managing pools in Ontario since 2005. Our professionally trained senior poolboys have been offering exceptional service and total management of your personal swimming pool investment. Don’t let just anybody open your pool, trust the team at PoolBoy to have your pool opened, managed and closed properly this season and for years to come. Notice the difference great pool service can do for you, and relax while you enjoy your backyard escape!


Pool Service

Just as a ship needs its crew to keep it afloat, so needs your swimming pool a team that will keep it enjoyable all season long. When your pool turns green or experiences an equipment failure, you need to turn to a company you can trust to minimize your downtime and get your pool back up and operational as fast as possible.

PoolBoy has been providing professional pool service to Burlington and Oakville since 2005. Our senior poolboys have the knowledge and experience you’ll appreciate when your pool’s in need of service.

Pool Service

PoolBoy Offers Pool Services Including:

Pool Opening packages

Pool Maintenance packages

Leak Detection and repair

Solar Heating installation and service

Pump, heater and filter service and repair

Green (algae) pool cleanups

Green (ECO) pool conversions

Pool Closing packages

Check out our pool service page for more info or call to see how we can help you enjoy your summer!

Solar Pool Heater

Getting the most of your swimming season in Ontario can be achieved easily by installing a gas heater, solar pool heater, solar blanket, or a combo of all 3.

A gas heater will reliably provide you with the heat needed on demand when you want it. Great for that social you have scheduled on Saturday. Solar Pool Heater

A solar heating system will provide you with consistent warm temperatures long into the autumn season so long as the sun shines. This summer is the one solar system owners have been enjoying the most! A solar blanket will help retain your heat, minimizing heat loss when air temperatures are colder and collect heat when the sun is out raising temperatures higher than without.

For more information on how you can heat your swimming pool check out our living green page or contact us to see how we can help heat things up.


Pool Closing

Just like pool opening, closing your pool also begins with a plan. For some it's when the kids go back to school, or maybe its before the leaves start falling and plugging up your skimmer baskets, or it could be right after Thanksgiving weekend.

Pool Closing

Whenever you decide to close your pool, we're here to get your pool professionally closed and protected through the winter months. Click on the pool closing tab up top and check out our services and find the pool closing package thats right for you.

We typically offer closing services until the end of October but are extending services to anyone who may still be open. Its not too late to get your pool closed and protected for the winter months.

Give us a call as soon as you're ready.


For detailed info on closing packages click here: Pool Closing


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