Swimming Pool

Pool Heaters

Natural Gas Heater

Best use for quick heating pool water or as a secondary source to a heat pump or solar pool heater Daily use can get quite expensive depending on ambient air temperatures

Choices come in Standing pilot or Electronic Ignition, Standard and Low Emission Units
Standing Pilot
- Has a continuous flame burning to ignite burners when called for
- Windy conditions can cause the flame to extinguish
- Inaccurate temperature control system
- Does not require electricity to operate
Electronic Ignition
- Only uses gas when there is a call to ignite burners
- If pilot goes out during startup it automatically relights
- Increased accuracy in temperature control system
- Requires electricity to operate
*82 to 84% Thermal efficiency Low Emission model shown above. In dollars and cents, this model will give up to 84 cents of heat for every dollar spent on gas.

Cover your pool with a solar blanket system to help keep the heat in when not in use.

Efficiency rating 3*

Heat Pumps

A heat pump uses electricity to operate. Typical electrical requirements are 220 volt with 60 amp breaker. It works like an air conditioner but in reverse. Heat from the outside air is intensified by the compressor then transferred to the pool water via the heat exchangers titanium tubes.

In Ontario, a heat pump can start being used once air temperatures rise above 7 degrees Celsius. It will maintain your desired pool water temperature regardless of the weather conditions. As the ambient air increases so does your heat pumps efficiency.
Resort style pool water temperatures of 32 degrees are now possible; efficiently, all season long. Due to their high efficiency, heat pumps have a low cost of operation.

Typically, for every 20 cents of electric input, you receive $1.00 worth of heat. That's 500 percent efficiency!

Combine it with rooftop solar system, and, or Solar blanket for even more long term savings.

Efficiency rating 4*

Solar Pool Heater

Solar is an excellent heat source for pool if sized properly and installed in a location with maximum sun exposure.  Solar Pool Heaters can quickly raise the temperature of a pool when the sun is shining on the panels.
A Solar heater is a nearly free source of heat for your pool. So long as the sun is shining it's only power requirements are that of your pool pump which is running anyway to maintain a healthy, clean and clear swimming environment.

For more accurate control of desired pool temperature it is best configured with an automatic control.

Adding a solar blanket will help increase pool temperatures by day and prevent heat loss overnight.
For extended periods without sunlight and cooler weather, configure system with backup heat pump or gas pool heater.

Efficiency rating 5*

Solar Blankets

Doesn't require any electricity. Completely free source of heat for pool.

Also helps reduce sanitizer demand. Chlorine or Bromine is added less frequently. Salt systems don't have to work as hard to produce chlorine.
Downside is they're not very pet friendly. Animals tend to like chewing on them.

Efficiency rating 5+*

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