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Classic Pool Close

PoolBoy's Classic Pool Close - Just the Essentials

We'll come out and the technical stuff since you've already done the rest

PoolBoy offers a classic pool closing service to Burlington and Oakville

From 395.00**

Classic Pool Close

  • Analyze water chemistry and advise you of required adjustments
  • Neutralize chlorine levels to 0ppm while pumping down pool
  • Pump down pool water level to below returns
  • Evacuate all water from plumbing and filtration equipment
  • Remove lights and sink to bottom
  • Seal plumbing poolside
  • Winterize filtration equipment
  • Super chlorinate and Install winter cover


Winterizing kits, solar pool heater service, water features and spas are priced in addition to closing packages. For more details see Eco Pool Close page.

Please advise us if you have a salt system and require a salt water cell cleaning, a cartridge filter cleaning, a sand filter change, or require equipment/parts repair or replacement at time of booking.

Pool Closing Service in Burlington and Oakville

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