Swimming Pool

Leak Detection

Is your pool leaking?

PoolBoy offers professional leak Detection and repair services to swimming pools in Burlington and Oakville.

Signs your pool may be losing water.

  • High water bills
  • Auto filler always appears to be filling pool
  • Adding water to pool with hose more than once a week
  • Air bubbles in pump
  • Air bubbles or dirt from returns in pool
  • Excess demand for chemicals
  • Salt water system appears to not be working efficiently
  • Cloudy or green pool water
  • Wet surfaces around pool equipment
  • Pool deck cracking or shifting
  • Pool liner floating away from corners or bottom

Services offered

  • Underground plumbing line leak detection and repair
  • Vinyl liner leak detecting and repair
  • Plumbing line pressure testing
  • Scuba dive to inspect pool below water

Our leak detection experts are SCUBA certified and have the experience to detect and repair the source of your pools water leak.  We use the latest in technology to electronically listen and locate your plumbing leaks below the ground and in your pool liner.

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