Swimming Pool

Deluxe Pool Opening

Relax while we take care of everything with our Deluxe Pool Opening.

PoolBoy offers complete pool opening services to Burlington and Oakville

From 550.00**

Deluxe Pool Opening

  • Pump off water and remove debris from winter cover
  • Wash cover on pool and fold for storage
  • Scrub water line
  • Replace pool deck equipment (i.e. ladders and diving board)
  • Replace light fixtures and directional returns
  • Assemble pump, filter, heater and sanitizing equipment
  • Initial pool vacuum and remove debris (up to 1 hour)
  • Skim pool surface
  • Fill pool, startup filtration system
  • Water analysis and super chlorinate
  • Inspect filter equipment for leaks
  • *Balance water chemistry


*Chemicals required to balance water chemistry
   (Alkalinity, PH, Cyanuric Acid, and Hardness)

**Extra pricing


Attached Spa’s


Waterfalls (each)


Solar system startup


Additional hour cleaning


Spring starup kit


Natural Chemistry starup kit


Heater startup and inspection by licenced gas tech


Pool service and weekly maintenance available to Burlington and Oakville areas.

Call us to book your service.

Please advise us if you require salt, salt water cell cleaning, cartridge filter cleaning, sand filter media change, or require equipment repair or replacement parts at time of booking.

Additional pool vacuums or weekly maintenance available upon request.

Please ensure the following are prepared before we arrive:

Restore power supply to equipment (do not turn on equipment)

Garden hose available to fill pool and water turned on

All pool parts available poolside


Pool Opening Service in Burlington and Oakville

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