Swimming Pool

Solar Pool Heater

Spring sunshine waiting to heat pool water for free!

Stop looking at the messy pool cover and start your summer early!

Choosing the right heating system for your pool doesn't have to be a daunting task.
For those that prefer their water warmer than what our Ontario summer gives us, we can take advantage of the free energy the sun provides, by installing a solar pool heater. Solar Pool Heater
Going solar can extend your backyard swimming season, allowing you to open your pool much sooner than your neighbors and close considerably later. You'll be able to take advantage of those early spring thaws and Indian summers Ontario is known for.

Some popular combinations for our climate are:

  1. Stand alone solar pool heater, reducing your pools carbon footprint and keeping it as natural as possible.
  2. Solar Pool Heater with a natural gas heater to augment those cloudy days with that extra heat needed to maximize your swimming experience, or
  3. Solar pool heater with a heat pump can offer the best in heat availability and energy savings.
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Solar Pool HeaterEnjoy a heating system that requires minimal annual maintenance. When properly sized, and mounted effectively on your roof you'll also be able to take advantage of a lower cooling bill for your house, as the solar collectors take away the heat that would have normally heated your attic. And best of all benefit from a manufacturers warranty of 18 years.

Increase your fun, level of exercise or whatever you use your pool for this season with an Enersol pool heater by PoolBoy.

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Choose to go carbon neutral. Reduce your carbon emissions by taking responsibility for the green house gas emissions created when heating your pool. For more information on how to go carbon neutral visit DavidSuzuki.org.

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