Swimming Pool

Pool Closing Instructions

Steps to protecting your swimming pool this winter

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  • Clean pool (vacuum, skim surface, brush walls)
  • Empty skimmer baskets
  • Empty pump baskets
  • Balance water chemistry
  • * Backwash filter
  • Turn off pump
  • * Pump down water level to 2 inches below lowest return line
  • Add winter chemical kit (after wastewater has been removed)
  • Turn off power supply to pool equipment
  • Turn off gas supply to heater
  • Remove ladders, diving boards, and other deck furnishings
  • Disconnect waterslide hose and blow out
  • Remove lights and sink to bottom
  • Remove directional eyeballs
  • Remove skimmer basket
  • Blow out skimmer(s)
  • Blow out return(s)
  • Drain pump (put both drain plugs in pump basket)
  • Drain filter (put filter backwash jar, pressure gauge and drain plug in pump basket)
  • On Sand filter turn dial to closed or winterize
  • Remove filter cartridges and clean
  • Blow out heater thoroughly
  • Remove heater drain plugs and disconnect pressure switch (place plugs in pump basket)
  • Install gizzmo in simmer(s) and securely close lids
  • Plug all return lines
  • Install winter cover

Winter maintenance - Periodic removal of debris and removal of water on the covers surface will greatly decrease your pool opening time and efforts. If you have a sump hole on your pool deck, don't forget to check and pump it down to prevent your liner from floating up in the spring.

Every pool is unique and may have additional features and equipment not outlined in this guide. Winterizing your pool properly is important to preventing damage over the winter from freezing. If you are uncertain about how to winterize your pool equipment or would prefer to have PoolBoy manage your pool closing, give us a call and we'll schedule a closing date just right for you.

*Ensure water is de-chlorinated and meets levels outlined by your municipality before disposing of wastewater

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